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Which kind of Equipment used for Asphalt Paving Process

In the asphalt paving process, many different types of machinery are used.

Some of the most often utilized are listed below.


Flatliners are utilized for projects that do not necessitate a full repaving. Essentially, this machine removes the irregularities on the top layer in order to restore a smooth surface.

Machines for Milling

The top layer of a pavement is milled away using milling equipment. It will leave the surface rough and grooved, unlike Flatliners. After that, the surface will be paved.


A stabilizer/reclaimer is a huge machine that pulverizes old pavement using a rotor blade. This machine can also be used to mix materials into a subbase to make it stronger.


Graders are enormous bladed devices that make a smooth surface for asphalt to be placed on. Graders, unlike milling machines, are only utilized when the foundation is constructed of dirt or gravel. The graders also set the project’s pitch to send the water in a specific direction.

Asphalt Pavers

The equipment that lays the asphalt is known as an asphalt paver. The asphalt mix is poured into the machine, which then spreads and lays the asphalt, which is then levelled and compacted by the screed, which is a component of the machine.


Sweepers, as the name implies, are used to clean a road after it has been graded or milled. If there is an excessive amount of particles on the surface,


Drones are a relatively new tool used in the asphalt industry. They can be used to help plan projects by mapping the topography of jobsites. They can quickly provide project managers with accurate elevation levels which helps overall project management.


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