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The Benefits for Commercial Paving Services

Curb appeal isn’t exclusive to residential properties. It is equally important for a business as the exterior of your facility provides customers with their first impression. It can significantly influence their perception of your business and whether or not they want to patronize your business. The condition and appearance of driveways, parking lots and walkways are especially important. Properly maintaining them will up your curb appeal in more ways than one. In addition to aesthetics and demonstrating the pride you take in your business, well-maintained exterior surfaces show that you value your customers and their safety. If it’s time to upgrade your exterior surfaces, you should consider the benefits of commercial asphalt paving services. After all, there has to be a good reason so many businesses have asphalt surfaces. Commercial paving services offer numerous benefits beyond curb appeal.

Versatility and Durability:

Asphalt can be used for various applications from driveways and parking lots to curbing and roadways. Asphalt is also used in areas where it is subject to heavy loads such as a base for train tracks. A commercial parking lot can be subject to all types of vehicles from customer cars to tractor-trailer delivery trucks. An aggregate material mixed with a petroleum-based binder and applied over a properly laid base, asphalt has enough strength and flexibility to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles without sustaining damage.

The temperature fluctuations experienced during the winter months can cause pavement damage. As the water below the pavement expands and contracts due to the freeze/thaw cycles, it can put significant pressure on paved surfaces.  Asphalt’s flexibility also allows it to survive the winter weather better than concrete.


Utilizing commercial asphalt paving services can also improve safety. The smooth surface of asphalt allows for superior contact between vehicle tires and the paved surfaces surrounding your business. This provides better skid resistance. Open-graded asphalt allows for improved water drainage, reducing the amount of lying water which could freeze, resulting in a slip and fall hazard. Asphalt also provides a good backdrop for parking lot and roadway markings, creating a sharper contrast and allowing them to be more visible.

Maintenance and Sustainability

The life span of asphalt can be extended with periodic maintenance. Over time, small cracks can appear and the rich black color of asphalt can fade to a dark gray. No need to worry. This issue can be remedied by having your asphalt surfaces seal-coated. Sealcoating is a protective coating that keeps small cracks from becoming large ones and restores your asphalt’s original appearance. It is typically recommended to be done every few years.

Should there be larger cracks or potholes in your asphalt, these can be filled prior to sealcoating. Older asphalt surfaces may require more extensive maintenance such as asphalt resurfacing. During resurfacing, the top layer is removed and the underlying layers are reinforced. A new top layer is applied and the removed layer of asphalt is recycled. In fact, asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in America. This can be an important factor for environmentally conscious and socially responsible businesses.

Increase Property Value

As with any improvement, commercial asphalt paving services can help increase your property value. While this is more important if you are planning to sell or lease your property, the upgraded curb appeal and benefit from commercial paving services can provide a boost in business and aid in employee satisfaction.


When installing or replacing commercial paving, business owners often find themselves trying to choose between concrete and asphalt. Budget concerns are typically one of the factors influencing that decision. While the specific cost of commercial asphalt paving services can vary depending on your geographic area, the current market price for materials and the prep work required for proper installation, asphalt is typically more affordable than concrete.

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