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Commercial Paving Services

Commercial paving can be very similar to residential. However, it does carry many more challenges. Typically the areas in which need installation or repair are significantly higher than residential, which equals more cost for the client, and much more work for the paving company.
If you’re under new construction for your commercial lot, you will probably need to have some paving service for your building.
Whether this is a roadway to get to your location or a parking lot for guests and employees, it’s essential to know what type of paving services you might need now and in the future.


The first service you will have done, especially for new construction will be pouring if for concrete, and paving for asphalt. Each of these will require a contractor to pour the material, concrete or asphalt, in its desired location. For paving, a steam roller will need to spread the content where needed, and smooth it out for a more uniformed look.
When pouring concrete, there will need to be more structure created, versus a paved asphalt surface, which is why this for roadway or parking lot is more expensive. Concrete is also hardened and more environmentally friendly than asphalt. It’s estimated that 93% of roads are made with asphalt.

Seal Coats

Using seal coats is one of the best protective measures you can do for your asphalt. Seal-coating not only protects the layer of asphalt from normal wear and tear of being driven or walked on but it can also protect it from the elements as well as oils. If you just had fresh asphalt laid, your contractor will likely recommend a seal coat if it isn’t included already, which
most do. Seal coats are often applied up to 30 days after an initial paving service. Asphalt will need time to rest before applying the coating. Doing so quickly may damage the road and produce lackluster results.
Depending on how much use your road or parking lot may see, it will determine how often you should seal coat. Most contractors estimate that once a year, maybe two for commercial properties is a good rule of thumb, while others indicate you can go a little longer the less traffic you have. No matter how often, this service can save you tons of repair bills.

Line Striping

Line striping is crucial to direct traffic where they need to go or to designate people where they need to go. Most understand the concept of line striping. Pain is applied using an automatic tool; it takes a few hours to dry completely and is then able to use. Most professionals estimate that to keep lines looking their best and clear to re-stripe every 18-24 months.

Speed Bump Installation

A great way to promote safety on commercial lots is to install speed bumps. Speed bumps are used anywhere; you would like drivers to slow down. Residential areas will use these at times to deter drivers from speeding and causing accidents. With speed bump installation, contractors typically want to wait 30 days for the asphalt to ‘heal.’ It takes, on average ½ to 1 ton of asphalt to create a one-speed bump.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is not foolproof. It can develop cracks, loosen, and become problematic. Sealing of cracks when they start to form is a lot less aggravation than waiting until huge chunks of asphalt can be moved or have eroded. In situations where you notice cracking, repairs are always the more economical choice. Some roadways or parking lots can go years without any visible issues. Those that are shaded, and have less traffic may not need repairs for up to five years. Unless you have cracks or visible damage to your asphalt service is recommended every two to three years minimum.

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