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Paving Costs:
We are often asked, "What is the paving cost?" One of my favorite phone calls is: "I have an average size driveway, its about three cars long and two cars wide, what will it cost to have you put asphalt or concrete in there?"

The problem with the above question is that there is not enough information to provide an accurate quote. Do you have too much or too little stone base in there now? What kind of angles are we going to be up against? How thick do you want your asphalt to be after compaction? Can I bring a 15,000-pound machine into the area needing the blacktop or concrete? Are we going to be paving on level ground or is it a hillside? What are the parking arrangements like at the job site? What part of town are you in?

We pride ourselves on providing complete and accurate estimates. Therefore it is critical for us to meet you at the site to discuss your needs and to gather the specific information that we need. Give us a call or E-mail @ sunnyconstructionco@yahoo.com- Estimates are FREE!
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